The outdated model

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If, like us, you think that the traditional recruitment model is outdated, then it's time to consider BizTek.


BizTek launched in 2010 to bring a new concept to recruitment and truly be different - a business that is structured for the future.


I will say right now, only continue beyond this point if you are a seasoned professional confident of managing your own desk, can work independantly and most importantly - someone who wants to maximise their remuneration and manage themselves.

The Alternative

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They say that Recruiters burn out quickly and can only last a few years! We agree, but only because the traditional recruitment model is stuck in the last century and carries such high costs.


It's a very competitive industry, fees have been driven down and consequently Recruiters are put under immense pressure to deliver against ambitious sales targets. Of course, with such a high cost base model, employers need to force Recruiters into an office on a daily basis, where they can be monitored closely, micro-managed and driven hard to hit minimum sales targets with no flexibility.


Agencies too have to have a pay structure that covers the full spectrum of abilities and hence would never attract and train junior recruiters if good basic salary levels were not offered. But, given the massive attrition rate of agency staff, it is you - the top performers - who end up funding the poor performers.


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So here is the BizTek alternative...

We provide the tools and the infrastructure. We provide the laptop, the phone, the job-board access. Our systems are Internet based and your laptop will provide access to our web-servers for email, sales documents etc.

Our back-office team will look after your administration, allowing you...