Why Select BizTek?

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There is no shortage of Recruitment Agencies, so we expect that we have to fully justify to you our belief that we provide the best available service to our clients and tell you how we achieve it. In the following sections we do just that.


If you need a new part for your car, would you pop in to the local hairdresser to purchase it? If you need top quality IT, Business or Technology Talent, would you approach an Estate Agent to deliver that talent? If you have ever questioned your agency recruiters on their backgrounds, you’ll probably find that you are entrusting the search, selection and delivery of your key talent to people who have never worked with your technologies or within your industry.


BizTek was formed and is managed by professionals with over 60 years experience spanning IT development and management, high technology, building and managing research and development teams in various industry sectors, building IT service consultancies and latterly 16 years building a successful global specialist IT permanent and contract resourcing and recruitment business.

So unlike your other suppliers, at BizTek you will be talking to professionals with a unique blend of expertise in IT, Technology and Business, as well as recruitment.

So why use BizTek?

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Simply put: the Quality, Experience and Professionalism of our people.


Have you ever noticed the high turnover of Agency Staff? Recruiters move around frequently and recruitment is a business that depends on the quality of its staff.


Recruiters are also expected to be salesmen and like salesmen anywhere they go where they can earn the most money, which is normally driven by commission levels. There are many different schemes devised by agencies to attract staff, but almost all are very similar and staff turnover is high as they follow the commission.

At BizTek we’ve focussed on using technology to deliver a much improved work-life balance in order to improve job satisfaction. This reduced staff turnover increases the experience we retain and improves the quality of the service we offer, but more than this it leads to a reduction in our costs which also means that we can remunerate our top recruiters significantly better than the normal agency package. This allows BizTek to recruit the very best talent and, just as importantly, to retain it.