About Us

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Let's start with a quote from our founder Dale Smith:


"It's not often that someone like myself, who has worked in IT both as a contractor and as a manager who hired contract and permanent staff, and who built and then sold his own recruitment business, gets the opportunity to to make a fresh start and build a modern-day agency from scratch, not hampered by the the costs of outdated principles, beliefs or processes. The business is embryonic - I welcome your feedback."


BizTek launched in 2010 to bring a new concept to recruitment and truly be different - a business that is structured for the future.


What makes a great Agency?

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... its staff, of course!


Recruitment is a commission-driven business, so to attract and maintain the best staff they must be well remunerated and they must also have the best working conditions and tools available. But what is so often overlooked by businesses is the change in lifestyle demanded by employees, the change in balance of our social and work time and often the effects of one on the other. The modern man or woman has different expectations of what is acceptable and, often, needed to give maximum performance. The working day can no longer be fixed by 9 to 5 office-based tasks when social networking is no longer just a distraction and our mobile phones are no longer just personal items to be left outside of the office but both have become legitimate and highly efficient ...